The simplest blogging platform, your own delicate study.

See it go live


- No redundant paid features.
- No 20th-century interface.
- No complicated editor.
- No annoying branding.

A present to the modern Web.
Your blog, your home, your study.

Leaving.Ink is non-profit, providing the simplest experience of blogging.

Your blog is supposed to be your private space, while people can also view it if you would like them to.

This project is created in the belief that everyone should be able to “leave ink” easily, to share information unimpededly, to express themselves freely ...

And to imitate art, creatively.


🎁 Read the introduction to the minimalist blogging platform of Leaving.ink.

The name of Leaving.Ink is an imitation of “life imitating art” (Oscar Wilde), and I hope this project can inspire others to start their “imitation”.

Start editing, now.

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